About Us

Our mentor has more than decade of experience in Healing, He has done basic course by two teachers. After a long gap of First Degree he attuned Ind Degree and 3rd degree. He has experience in pranic healing (Basic & Advance). He is trained by Acharya Hector (Disciple of Master Choa Kok Sui)in Kriya Shakti. Yoga, reflexology, Different healing techniques are his field of interest. He is ready to accept all the thoughts/techniques for the welfare of humanity. He has view that an open mind is sign of growth. If you are ready to learn new things you will move forward in life.


Benefits of Reiki

All the known physical illness or diseases are cured by REIKI. It works in harmony of other healing techniques. It supplements and complements different pathies and system. It never creates hindrance for another pathy. It harmonize so that physical, emotional,

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